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This search engine searches the Michigan Potato Diseases' pages only. If you don't find what you are looking for here then select a google web search on the results page.

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When to use the search engine
If you want to conduct a full-text search throughout the entire website, use the search engine. You may also want to use the search engine to find very specific kinds of information, such as all the references on phytoalexins, which would not be included in the site index.

When to use the site-index
If you want to browse around the site, try the site-index. You can also use it if you know the subject you are looking for, but don't know where it may be located on the website.

General Search Tips
Here are some suggestions which may help improve your search results.

  • By default the search engine only returns web pages that contain all the words in your query, so refining or narrowing your search is as simple as adding more words to the search terms you have already entered.
  • The search engine understands boolean expressions (i.e. "and", "or" and "not"). So for example, you could write "cat and dog" or "cat not dog" but not "cat and not dog".
  • You will get a lot of unwanted pages if you use very common or short words in your search. Choose words that are as specific for your subject as possible.
  • You will find all forms of a word if you type in only the beginning of the word, (for example, plant will get you pages with plant, plants, and plantation). If you're looking for everything on a general topic, this is a good choice.
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